It's here! CRFC Press proudly announces the release of Conflict Resolution for Musicians (and Other Cool People)

Don't let disagreements break up your band! Mishandled, conflict can easily escalate -- but managed well it can be a powerful force for creativity.

The long-awaited Conflict Resolution for Musicians (and Other Cool People) is a user-friendly guide to preventing and resolving conflict between band members, musical collaborators, and those who live or work with them. Written for beginners and advanced readers alike, it's a step-by-step approach to solving interpersonal problems before they become problems -- and how to handle them if they do.

The definitive DIY guide to solving problems and getting back in the groove. You'll learn concrete, essential conflict resolution skills including:

  • how to recognize and interpret four warning signs of conflict
  • how to evaluate a conflict situation to know when to get help
  • how to interpret feelings, needs and strategies in conflict situations
  • how to prevent and resolve conflict by applying two Guiding Principles
  • how to follow a step-by-step path to successful conflict resolution

...and much more. Download the free excerpt here.

The book includes worksheets to help you assess and evaluate a conflict, determine when to get help, and what kind to get.

It also features links to exclusive web content to help you on your way.

Available now in multiple formats:

  • Paperback: ISBN# 978-0-9940810-0-1
  • Mobi: ISBN# 978-0-9940810-1-8
  • ePub: ISBN# 978-0-9940810-2-5
  • PDF: ISBN 978-0-9940810-3-2

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The reviews are in!

Readers from around the world have been posting their own online reviews of Conflict Resolution for Musicians (and Other Cool People). Here's a sampling of what they're saying:

"I wish I'd had then the tools that Helene and Ken provide in the book so that I could have better handled those situations, because the thing that kills bands is never the inevitable ups and downs of the music business--it's how the band members react to those events. Not knowing how to deal with business and creative conflict is why so many potentially great artists falter right at the moment when, had they kept it together, they could have overcome that last hurdle to success. I really and truly think this is a book that every musician and artist needs to have on hand if they're serious about thriving in the entertainment industry."

"The book is pretty short (less than 200 pages) and easy to read, but packed with useful and practical tips on how to prevent team breakups, whether that be a band or a business / company team. It also helps with explaining what to do if problems do actually erupt. It's been written with lots of examples that musicians especially can relate to, but I'm actually not a musician and I still found the tactics that were mentioned were totally applicable to other situations. I actually ended up having to try out some of these techniques for a business I'm involved with. Anyway - these steps will work for just about anyone in a conflict situation or trying to avoid one. I highly recommend the read."

"There are lots of practical, how-to directions for taking the heat out of a conflict and allowing people to talk to each other in a more civilized manner. The worksheets (included) are really helpful. They help you diagnose a conflict to see if you need to get help (and what kind to get if you need it); how to plan out your conversation so you don't accidentally make things worse; and other tools to keep on track."

"This book is a must-read for all people who must deal with other people. So basically, all of us. What I like is a the analysis of how conflict happens, and how to prepare for future conflict. I found Avoiding Conflict Escalation Triggers to be one of the most useful things in this book. Many of the pointers are helpful in personal relationships as well: active listening, perception check, intent and impact. (Guys, pay attention.) This book should be featured at all music trade shows, conferences, and workships, with authors Helene Arts and Ken Ashdown as keynote speakers. I thank them for writing this book and I plan on consulting it through my career as a music publicist-turned-stylist (and trust me, I receive LOTS of resistance and conflict when a client doesn't want to try on outfits I suggest)."

"The book is fairly short and a quick read but still pretty good. It has clear directions for solving band beefs and also for avoiding bigger problems further down the line. As a musician there's lots of opportunities to get into arguments and it's a drag when they lead to someone walking out. This will help prevent that. It's got tools you can use in a variety of situations, including some workbook pages to help you plan out what you're going to say and how."

"This is a must have for not only creative souls like musicians but for life in general. The two writers combined have much experience between them in both the Music Industry and Conflict Management . The book is easy to read with ideas on how to resolve conflicts using various scenarios and examples . Yes, conflict is uncomfortable but it is a fact of life and the more it is avoided the worse it becomes. As an Executive Coach , I will use this book in my practice as it has real - life concrete solutions for everyone . Great tool!" 

Advance praise for Conflict Resolution for Musicians

“Conflict is part of being human and by its very nature is uncomfortable. But as this timely book shows, conflict needn’t be fatal. It can be worked on and through. Conflict Resolution for Musicians is a positive, useful and much needed addition to our tool kit for living - as music lovers, music makers, and human beings."

- Sally-Ann Gross, Artist Manager, Music Business Consultant and Programme Director, MA Music Business Management, University of Westminster, and mother of 4

"The band is back! Conflict resolution triumphs again...highly recommended."

- Steven J. Haines, Director, Miles Davis Jazz Studies, University North Carolina Greensboro

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