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Fifth House Group is pleased to provide these free resources to help you chart your own path to improved communication and better creative collaborations.

Readers of Conflict Resolution for Musicians (and Other Cool People) have exclusive access to an additional set of conflict resolution worksheets explained step-by-step in the book, along with case study examples, linked within the paperback and e-book texts.

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Be sure to check out our blog. It contains many helpful hints, tips and tricks to navigating your creative collaborations better, covering such topics as team dynamics, negotiation, leadership issues, and many more. 

Additional resources

If you are looking for additional information on conflict resolution, team development, leadership skills and related topics, the following is a selective list of additional resources you may find useful.*:

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Other resources you may wish to check out include our blog and the Conflict Response Role Inventory (CR2I)™, which is available for a nominal fee.