About Fifth House Group

Fifth House Group is the go-to company for the creative arts & entertainment media industries. Our mission is to help remove barriers to inspiring collaborations so creators can captivate audiences and produce transcendent experiences.

Depending on the situation, Fifth House Group services can be delivered in-person, via your preferred online conferencing system (e.g. Skype, Google Hangout, etc.) or by phone.

Typically, Fifth House Group is called in when:

  • miscommunication and negativity are running rampant, people are upset and stressed out, teams are not working well together, and business objectives are derailed because of interpersonal or leadership issues.

    We know that these types of situations must be dealt with right away, and with a great deal of sensitivity. Our response to you is immediate. We take time to listen to you, we help you to identify what is really going on, and we guide and assist you through appropriate resolution processes. Along the

    Two workers collaborating
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    way, we work with you to help you understand what happened and why, so that you are able to improve what works and prevent further negative situations.

  • individuals or teams want to prevent these problems from occurring. Sometimes our clients are interested in increasing knowledge and developing skills that will make them more effective communicators, or more inspiring leaders. Sometimes they are looking to improve creative or working environments, and want to build on the strengths that they already have. Regardless of the situation, Fifth House Group works with clients in ways that are focused on the smooth functioning and health of relationships and organizations.

To find out more about how Fifth House Group can assist you, connect with us for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

Learn more about our specific services here.

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Our team

Photo of Helene ArtsHelene Arts, CEO of Fifth House Group, started off thinking that she was going to become a lawyer, but by 1995 she realized that the gods had other plans for her and thus began her career as a professional mediator. Since then she has been a full time consultant in the field of conflict resolution within criminal, family, and civil court systems, and in not-for-profit and corporate workplace settings. Along the way she became fascinated with group dynamics, and in 2004 completed a Masters in Human Systems Intervention at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, becoming a specialist in group intervention. For over ten years Helene has also taught university courses in subjects such as mediation, interpersonal communication, group dynamics, conflict resolution, organizational conflict, and group facilitation. She holds a special place in her heart for creative people of all kinds, and currently manages Montreal-based industrial band Projekt F.

Photo of Ken AshdownFifth House Group President Ken Ashdown is a musician and former music journalist, indie label entrepreneur, and major label executive. Over his career Ken has worked with some of the music industry's biggest stars, including Shania Twain, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, John Mellencamp, Dire Straits, New Order, David Bowie, the Pixies, and U2. He served as Vice President at PolyGram Group Canada (Mercury/Polydor division) and later at QDesign Corporation, a leading provider of advanced digital audio compression technologies. An award-winning, certified adult educator, Ken spent several years as Head of Department at Vancouver Film School's innovative Entertainment Business Management transmedia program and has been hailed as a “master teacher.” He earned his Master of Arts (MA) degree in Music Business Management (with Distinction) from the University of Westminster in London, England, and is a Belbin® Team Role Accredited facilitator. Among other associations he is a member of the Cultural Human Resources Council, Music Tank, and the Music and Entertainment Industry Educators Association. In addition to curating the back catalogue for his independent publishing company and record label, his greatest passions include leadership, environmental issues and sustainability.

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Our clients

Prior to reconstituting as Fifth House Group to focus on the creative arts & entertainment industries, the partners' extensive list of clients included the following:

  • Agriculture Canada
  • Bank of Canada
  • Canada Revenue Agency
  • Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA)
  • Canadian Police College
  • Canadian Human Rights Commission
  • Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
  • Carleton University
  • Centre for Arts and Technology Okanagan
  • Centre for Conflict Resolution International
  • Corrections Canada
  • Department of National Defence
  • Environment Canada
  • Health Canada
  • Industry Canada
  • Library of Parliament
  • Ministry of the Attorney General
  • National Research Council
  • Ontario Provincial Police
  • Office of Public Service Values and Ethics
  • PMAC
  • PMRA
  • RCMP
  • Public Works and Government Services Canada
  • Sprott School of Business
  • Statistics Canada
  • Vancouver Film School
  • VHA

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Now available online! The Conflict Response Roles Inventory (CR2I)TM

For over a decade the Conflict Response Roles Inventory (CR2I)™ has empowered creative individuals, organizations and businesses to better understand and manage conflict in all aspects of their lives, at home and at work. Now it is available online for the first time ever.

Five role masks
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“We are thrilled to be able to finally offer the CR2I™ to a wider international audience,” says Helene Arts, CEO of Fifth House Group. “For over ten years clients have used it to examine their attitudes, behaviours, strategies, and needs. Putting it online will enable many more people to develop a deeper and clearer understanding of what happens to them in conflict. Increased self-awareness will help them make necessary adjustments to prevent conflict situations from occurring, or manage them more skillfully, and sooner.”

Learn more about this trusted and powerful psychometric instrument here.

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Conflict Resolution for Musicians (and Other Cool People) from CRFC Press

The definitive DIY guide to solving problems and getting back in the groove is out now in paperback and multiple e-book formats. READ MORE